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“Why Me, Why Now”

Founder, CWCC, Professional Speaker, Parenting Expert, Life Coach, Certified Adult Educator

Laurel Crossley

Deep within our children is a sweet and sacred space. A space where the purest of thought and emotions lie. It is the place where magic lives, anything is possible and their light shines bright.
Now is the time to consider our purpose, our role, our contribution to ensure our children’s’ light continues to shine bright!
Now is the time to come together to build community and create a foundation of support for our children!
And now is the time to understand that when our light shines bright and we truly listen with kindness, loving open hearts and minds, we share our bright light with the children of this earth supporting their mind, body and spirit!

Laurel has over 20 years of Family Coaching experience supporting parents and children on topics related to stress, worry, anxiety, mindfulness and meditation. She is a highly sought-after Speaker on the topics of self-development, parenting, and child development, having been interviewed and featured in several publications including The Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail, Chatelaine Magazine, and Today’s Parent. She is a regular guest on many television and syndicated radio programs where she discusses how stress, worry and anxiety affect today’s family.

Laurel’s work is devoted to supporting children’s wellness – mind, body and spirit giving them a voice when they don’t have one. Her work with children teaches them how to use their voices so that they may be able to access support from significant adults in their lives.

Laurel’s connection to children is profound and she is often called the “child whisperer” by parents and teachers. Children simply believe she is “magical” and “sparkly”.