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Every one of us is born with purpose and when our purpose is supported, our light shines bright. For a child’s light to shine bright, they must be cared for, nourished, nurtured, and loved for who they are. And when a child’s  light shines bright, they will share this light with others and transition into adulthood as a caring and confident adult.

  • When over 1 million Canadian children struggle with a mental health issue, we need to do something!
  • When over 1 million Canadian children live in poverty, we need to fix something!
  • When only 1/3 of Canadian children are getting the daily physical activity they require, we need to inspire and motivate them through modelling and play!
  • When parents are expressing they feel lost and unsupported, they need to know how to access the right help for their child!
  • When practitioners, therapists, educators and social workers feel overwhelmed and frustrated by the sheer volume of children they CAN’T support, we need to share resources, tools and content!
  • And when children feel isolated, unsupported, insecure or anxious, we need to come together as a community to support their needs – mind, body and spirit!

Our mission is to tackle the big issues with some of the most brilliant minds in education, psychiatry/psychology, social work, therapists and practitioners who have dedicated their careers to supporting the children of our communities!

Life Coach and Professional Speaker


For many years, Laurel Crossley had a vision – a vision of creating a conference that would offer guidance, resources, and tools to support the whole child – mind, body and spirit.

She saw speakers and panelists, companies and organizations, parents and caregivers coming together and sharing space with one mission in mind – to build conversation around how to best support children in ways that would help them feel safe, secure, loved and heard.

The Children’s Wellness Conference of Canada is bringing together people who are invested and committed in the wellness of children in our communities. Together, we can build a circle of support for our children, ensuring they reach their fullest potential!



If you feel you would like to contribute as a professional Speaker at one of our events, please reach out!